12 June 2023

Changing the narrative

Although Shane and Maria did not have good examples of marriage while growing up, that did not stop them from investing in their love lives. Today, they are happily married and live a fulfilled life.

“Growing up, I had a challenging life. My siblings and I were raised by our aunt because our parents separated when we were young. My aunt invited me to attend services in the Universal Church. I engaged in the different chains of prayers, especially on Thursdays for my love life and family. The Therapy of Love services taught me to be a better man and I learnt that I had to be happy with myself before getting romantically involved with anyone,” said Shane.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Shane met his wife Maria who had her fair share of struggles when growing up.

“I was raised by both parents, but they verbally fought on numerous occasions. When I grew older, I did not commit myself in any relationship I was in because I did not have a good reference from my parents. I would only date for three months and then break things off.

My mother invited me to attend services in the Universal Church. I participated in the chains of prayers on Wednesdays and Fridays for my spiritual development. I also attended the Therapy of Love on Thursdays for my family. In the Therapy of Love, I was encouraged to seek validation only from God. The service helped me to invest in my relationship with God and myself,” said Maria.

Shane and Maria communicated over the phone for a few months before meeting in person. After two and half years of dating, they finally got married in the Therapy of Love service.

“We are blessed and happy in our marriage. My wife and I are best friends and we overcome our challenges together. We take good care of each other and we are both faithful. My marriage is a good reference to my siblings,” said Shane.