26 June 2023

Perseverance brought great results

Lehlohonolo and Dipalesa could not have imagined the enduring results that investing in their love lives would bring. Although they both had a reasonable number of struggles in the past, they are now married and enjoying life in God’s presence.

“My life was a mess. I was raised by my grandparents after my mother passed on. After the passing of my grandparents, I moved from one relative to another. I did not have a stable upbringing. I faced a lot of challenges and was rejected by my peers. I felt like an outcast.

Because I did not have any reference point on how a good relationship should be, when I grew older, my relationships did not succeed. I did not know how to love or give love.

My aunt who was already attending services in the Universal Church invited me to join her. At first, I resisted but I was suffering so much that I decided to give in. I attended the chains of prayers every day.  I also attended the Therapy of Love services and I was taught to be patient in my love life. I understood that I had to persevere. Although I had a lot of failed relationships, giving up was not an option,” said Lehlohonolo.

Years later, Lehlohonolo met Dipalesa through a friend. Although Dipalesa had a good upbringing and the example of a good marriage from her parents, that did not prevent her from facing challenges in her love life.

“I grew up attending services in the Universal Church but I was not committed to God. I was raised by both parents and I had a good upbringing but, things took a terrible turn when I was in high school. I was pressured by my friends to date. I experienced a lot of heartbreak to the point that I did not believe in love any more.

I then decided to start attending the chains of prayers in the church, especially the Therapy of Love services on Thursdays. In the Therapy of Love, I was taught the importance of having a relationship with God first before having a relationship with anyone else. I learnt that I had to work on myself and fight to be a better woman before getting romantically involved with someone,” said Dipalesa.

After four years of dating, Lehlohonolo and Dipalesa finally got married and their marriage serves as proof that nothing is impossible with God.

“Our marriage is a blessing.  My wife and I have common goals. We face our challenges together. We enjoy every moment with each other. Even though we are happily married, we still apply everything we learn in the Therapy of Love in our marriage,” said Lehlohonolo.