26 June 2023

Three generations in the presence of God

“I grew up with both parents and two siblings. We were already Christians but my father was not interested in going to church until he received an invitation to attend services in the Universal Church.

He was given a Stop Suffering newspaper and he invited us to attend services with him. We were so excited when my father spoke about going to church, because we have never seen him doing this.  Every Sunday, we went to the church as a family. We used to go to Park Station but when the branch in Blackchain, now the Holy Ground, was opened, we moved there.

I got married in 2003 to a God-fearing man and we were blessed with a daughter. We also managed to build our own house. Five years later, we had another daughter.

Things went downhill in 2017 when my husband was retrenched and in less than a year my mother became blind. I was sick and very unhappy.

I knew I had to commit my life to God. We engaged in the chains of prayers for the restoration of our family. God started changing my life and my family’s life. My sister who had been married for 10 years had no child. It was only after we used our faith in God by persevering in the chains of prayers that her situation changed. She has a child now.

God has blessed us tremendously. My whole family is in the church. We are happy and we are all in good health. My children are in the youth group and I am grateful to God because I have children who fear God and prefer going to the church rather than going out with friends,” said Minkie.