05 October 2023

Healing the wounds of abuse

Nonceba lived a reckless life, frequently getting drunk to the point of passing out. She heavily indulged in alcohol. This behaviour was a coping mechanism, which allowed her to momentarily forget her troubles, but the harsh reality would hit her.

“I found myself trapped in an abusive relationship, where both my boyfriend and I were toxic to each other. He would resort to physical violence, and in retaliation, I started cheating on him.

The situation took a dark turn when he caught me cheating, leading to a horrifying incident where he stripped me naked and brutally beat me with a fan belt in a secluded area. Despite my screams, no one came to my rescue, and he continued his assault with fists and feet before finally leaving me alone in the bush.

Breaking up with him was a challenging task because he constantly threatened me and anyone I dated afterward. Eventually, I had to leave my home country to escape his grasp. I started attending services in the Universal Church. Initially, my stubbornness prevented me from seeking the help I needed but I eventually decided to commit my life to God.

As a result of the chains of prayers for inner healing, I embarked on a journey of self-forgiveness. I forgave myself and also forgave my abuser. This act of forgiveness proved to be transformative, as I felt a weight lifted from my shoulders, bringing healing and newfound freedom.

Today, I can proudly say that I am a changed person. I have healed from my past traumas and have moved on to a brighter chapter in my life. I am now happily married and feel like an entirely different person. I no longer drink alcohol or live a reckless life. I can confidently say I am finally at peace with myself,” said Nonceba.