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"On my first day in the church I was running away from a man who wanted to shoot me after a fight we had over a woman. My rival pointed a gun at me and threatened to kill me. I ran away in the early hours of the morning with him following.
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Trying to live with the mother of his child as well as his family of siblings almost ended Johannes’s relationship with his partner.
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Tired of being unemployed and living in a one-roomed shack prompted Silvia to attend services at the Universal Church in 1993.
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Anna had to learn to fend for herself after her mother passed away. She was left with her unemployed brother in the family house while her other siblings had their own homes. Her sister helped them financially whenever she could.
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Growing up in a big family of 26 exposed Thulani to extreme poverty and later separated him from his siblings. His father owned a vegetable farm but the profit he earned from selling vegetables was not enough to provide for his family.
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Losing her job and a place to stay, taught Michelle to depend completely on God and use her faith to change her situation. She was retrenched as a waitress after the restaurant was taken over by new owners.